The Geotek MSCL-XYZ enables the user to load multiple split core sections and log them in a single operation. This is particularly valuable in a repository environment or where large core throughput is required without user intervention. A stationary frame contains a number of trays in which the split core sections are placed.


The MSCL-XYZ can be used in 2 modes:

  • A - with the Geoscan linescan camera mounted to collect digital images of the core sections
  • B - to make direct measurements on the core surface (normally covered with ‘clingfilm’)

In mode A the line scan camera and light assembly move over each uncovered core section collecting an image of each core sections. Core sections can be removed and replaced during imaging enabling a continuous imaging process that will image around 15m of core per hour. In mode B) the sensor systems move over and along each covered core section taking measurements by moving the sensors down on to the split core surface that is detected using a laser rangefinder. A spring loaded sensor cradle compensates for any unevenness in the core surface and measurements are taken at spatial increments or positions as defined by the user. In this way a complete core can be logged in a continuous process without the need for the user to change sections.

The great advantage of using the MSCL-XYZ is that multiple core sections (up to 9, depending on core size) can be loaded simultaneously and logged completely unattended.

MSCL-XYZ SoftwareMSCL-XYZ Software

Sensor systems that can be mounted on the MSCL-XYZ are currently a colour spectrophotometer, magnetic susceptibility high resolution point sensor (MS2E), x-ray fluorescence spectrometer, and natural gamma spectrometer. As with the standard MSCL-S complete control of the graphics display (see above) is provided, both in terms of the presentation and processing protocols. Raw or processed data can be saved in formats suitable for exporting to other software environments for further data manipulation or data presentation.

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Download the MSCL-XYZ flyer in PDF format below

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