Geotek Coring

Geotek Coring

Geotek Coring is a newly formed company after the acquisition of the renowned coring instruments business of Aumann Associates Inc.  Based out of Salt Lake City (UT) it was originally founded in the 1980s as a design and engineering specialist developing coring equipment and systems supporting the scientific drilling community.

Today, drawing on decades of experience, as Geotek Coring, it has broadened its scope to be a leading supplier within both the academic and scientific communities as well as the industrial sector for specialised and customised coring systems and coring project services.

Geotek Coring has in depth experience of the demanding requirements for high quality coring systems and has a product range covering conventional rotary drill coring tools as well as a full range of unique products and services for taking pressure core samples across a range of application areas. These products can be provided as a dedicated tool suite or as a fully supported service using its experienced in-house service team.


  • Conventional wireline coring tools for commercial and scientific applications
  • Pressure coring systems for sediment and rock core applications
  • Custom design and OEM integration of coring technology and drilling systems


  • Conventional coring programmes for geotechnical and geohazard applications based both on and offshore
  • Turnkey pressure coring programmes for gas hydrates
  • Wireline pressure coring studies for unconventional resources
  • Complete integrated coring programme interfacing to conventional and pressure core analysis services

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