Geoscan VI Linescan Imaging

Geoscan VI Linescan Imaging

Geoscan V Installed onto the MSCL-S
Geoscan V Installed onto the MSCL-S
Linescan core image

Visual core record

Immediate imaging of cores after they are split preserves an invaluable archival record of each core section prior to any oxidation effects. Precise depth-registered images can be correlated with other data sets or used when describing core.

Quantitative Data

The Geotek Geoscan VI colour line scan camera captures images with a high dynamic range, allowing comparisons between light and dark cores. Averaged image data can be automatically converted to a text file of red, green, and blue values to facilitate quantitative comparisons between cores and other down-core measurements.

Line-scan imaging

Single lines of image data are collected sequentially down the core. Line-scan images are far superior to area camera images because they do not suffer from uneven lighting, spherical distortion, montage or “stitching” effects. The entire image is suitable for calibrated sub-millimetre image analyses.

High, higher, highest resolution

Images can be collected over the full core width between 100 and 1000 lines per centimetre, corresponding to 100 and 10 micron pixel sizes, respectively. Images are output as 48-bit RGB TIFF images but are quickly and easily converted to JPEG or other formats as required. Each Geotek core section image has a companion XML metadata file, containing important metadata pertaining to the core section and imaging conditions. A ruler can be generated next to the image, depicting either depth in core section or depth in core.

Calibrated measurements

The camera is factory-calibrated and a standard photographic 18% grey, or 90% white cards are used for field calibration, enabling images to be qualitatively or quantitatively compared to each other.

Core imaging speed

The normal scan time for standard (50 micron) resolution is 3 minutes per metre. Scan time increases for the higher resolutions.

Advanced camera control

The Geoscan VI has automatic focus, aperture and light control routines built in to the Geotek imaging software. The software now guides the user through the camera and lighting set-up to optimise image exposure consistently and simply.

Geoscan IV Coresection


  • Stratigraphic correlation
  • Core photographic archiving
  • Circumferential Imaging for goniometry
  • Core quality assessment
  • Colour analysis
  • Mineralogy

Camera Specifications

    1x 5K CCD
    Visible or Ultraviolet light
    14 bits per colour channel
    Correlated double sampling with exposure control
    3.2M pixels/sec

    200 lines/sec
    Up to 10 microns
    Auto focus, aperture and lighting
    Gigabyte ethernet interface
  • LENS
    Canon lens mount

Geoscan V Mounted on Geotek's Core Imaging System (MSCl-CIS)
Geoscan V Mounted on Geotek's Core Imaging System (MSCl-CIS)

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