A high throughput dedicated core plug and sidewall core X-ray CT system. Up to 100 core plugs or sidewall cores can be scanned per day with a cubic voxel resolution of c. 80 microns. PlugXcan utilises a long lifetime closed 130 kV X-ray source, a large flat panel detector, and motorised object positioning to optimise resolution between 40 um and 250 um. Multiple core plugs (up to 8 ) are securely mounted using a Geotek “QuickFix” holder for stable and automated scanning.


PlugXcan Benefits and Applications

  • Fast (2-3 minutes per plug) scanning to enable scanning of all core plugs/sidewall cores
  • Superior image resolution and sensitivity compared to medical CT data for core plugs/sidewall cores
  • Multi-core plug/sample compatible for high throughput and low operator input and faster scanning compared to dedicated micro-CT system
  • Identify heteogenities or structure to determine quality and test suitability for each sample ahead of SCAL etc
  • Multiple scans of the same core plug for quality assurance before and after sample preparation

Medical CT System Comparison

Medical CT data compared with PlugXcan data

Compared to a standard medical CT system, PlugXcan offers more resolution, greater sensitivity, and improved contrast without the sacrifice of throughput.

Dedicated high throughput and high resolution

Produce CT Deliverables Faster with PlugXcan

Intelligent acquisition and processing workflows built into custom-designed software.

Automatic and customisable CT report and image generation

  • Specifications

    • X-ray source: 65 W Thermo Kevex Microfocus
    • Voltage Range: 45 kV to 130 kV
    • X-ray Spot Size Range: 7 μm (at 4W)  – 100 μm (at 65 W)
    • Detector: 1920 x 1536 pixel flat panel detector
    • Image Resolution Range: 40 µm to 250 µm
    • Typical Resolution: c. 100 µm for 1.5” core plugs
    • Size: 1457 mm x 767 mm x 1982 mm (L x W x H)
    • Weight: c. 1500 kg
    • Utilities: 100 v to 240 v, single phase, 50-60 hz
    • Cooling: None
    • Sample Dimensions: Diameter – 1” to 3″, Length – up to 6″ in length
    • Output: 16-bit Tiff stack with automated report generation
    • Core Loading: Geotek QuickFix holders
    • Rotation accuracy: 0.002 degrees
    • Rotation Method: Vertical core rotation