3D CT Imaging

Acquisition Mode: 3D CT

X-ray Computed Tomography (CT) is a non-destructive imaging technique that combines a number of scans taken at various angles to produce cross-sectional images or ‘slice views’. The slice views are used to produce full 3D reconstructions of the core samples so that three-dimensional structures can be visualised without the need to remove the liner. CT reconstructions provide valuable quantitative data as well as visual information about core quality for sub-sampling or further analyses.

How can you benefit from 3D CT?

X-ray datasets, collected through full 3D-CT scanning, provides invaluable quantitative data and insight into the internal nature of core samples. 3D CT provides geoscientists with an image sequence of axial slices that can be processed into a data volume for 3D visualisation, or used within image processing software to look at spatial distribution of geological structure or stratigraphy. Through 3D data, geoscientists can better plan sampling/plugging points, or extract derived values such as density.

Geotek CT Scanning Infographic

Orthogonal or unwrapped slabs generated from 3D CT will present crisper features within the core images, and so CT datasets provide better clarity of geological features such as bioturbation, laminae, vugs, gravels or pore space.

CT is the most flexible of the three data acquisition types offered by Geotek, and provides geoscientists with datasets that can be utilised for a wide variety of applications.

How does it work?

Currently Geotek offer two methods of CT data acquisition; Circular CT scans and Helical CT scans:

Circular CT scans

The source and detector move in a circular path relative to the core sample. A dataset consists of one or more circular scans that undergo tomographic reconstruction to generate a set of cross-sectional slice views. Neighbouring slice packages are merged together to produce continuous data.

Helical CT scans

The source and detector move in a helical path relative to the core. The complete length of the core is imaged in a single scan. This is the default method for scanning core.

3D CT Imaging Workflow

Geotek X-ray System Workflow

Discover our dedicated workflow to maximise your data output and minimise operation time.

Data Acquisition Software

Geotek’s X-ray acquisition software was specifically developed for geoscience applications and has a friendly graphic user interface. The user may select the X-ray technique they wish to use for the scanning whilst setting up the scan at the start of a project.

Data Processing Software

As part of the CT package, Geotek provides software to reconstruct and view the core slices, generate orthogonal and unwrapped slabs, and generate movies that fly through the core. The CT reconstruction software queues data volumes so that multiple cores can be processed in sequence. Multiple sequential volumes are then stitched to form a complete whole core data volume for the 1 m core length and exported as a 16-bit stacked tiff.

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