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A field-deployable multi-sensor core and chip box scanner for high resolution photography, pXRF, VNIR/SWIR, and geotechnical parameters

Hyperspectral Imaging

Mineral classification and quantified distribution maps to spatially understand the impact of clay, carbonate or alteration minerals

Core Logging Services

Field and laboratory core scanning services using our suite of Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL), hyperspectral and X-ray CT technology

Oil and Gas
Oil and Gas

Derive critical reservoir properties, and characterise the stratigraphy for facility planning, resource assessment and well installation purposes

Research and Academia
Research and Academia

Ultra-high resolution XRF core scanning coupled with physical or mineralogical properties all integrated into multi-purpose and multi-sensor instruments

Mobile Labs
Mobile Container Laboratories

A custom-built, portable environment to deliver in situ, near real-time geophysical and geochemical data

Core Repositories
Core Repositories

Customised core digitisation programs using a unique workflow of core scanning technology coupled with powerful databasing and core visualisation software

Mineral Exploration
Mineral Exploration

Field deployable multi-sensor core scanning equipment for chemistry, mineralogy and geotechnics

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Geotek Ltd. (UK) specialises in high-resolution, non-destructive analysis of geological cores. We have designed, built, and supplied our range of Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems for over 20 years, using a suite of geophysical and geochemical sensors primarily aimed at non-destructive core analysis. Geotek provides equipment sales and services to science and industry worldwide.

The Geotek Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems enable a suite of geophysical measurements to be obtained rapidly, accurately and automatically on sediment or rock cores. The rugged nature of the equipment makes it suitable for use in either an onshore laboratory/repository environment or on board survey and drilling vessels. Geotek design and manufacture a full range of cabinet-based digital 2D and 3D X-ray imaging systems for a variety of geoscience markets.

Geotek Product and service range

Non-destructive Core Analysis Instrumentation and Services for:

X-ray CT for core visusalisation

Non-destructive petrophysical core scanning

Semi-quantified mineralogy through hyperspectral imaging

XRF and Hyperspectral

Core Photography

Geotechnical Parameters

Ultra-sensitive 100 ┬Ám XRF

Modular Multi-Sensor Core Scanners

X-ray, Visible, UV, VNIR and SWIR Imaging

Renewable Energy

Density, Vp and Vs for wind turbine foundations

In-field core scanning for rapid results

X-ray imaging for lab test selection for foundations

ASTM X-ray Scanning

P-wave and S-wave measurements

Density, porosity/water content profile

Petrophysical properties

Chemostratigraphy and Mineralogy

X-ray CT

Non-destructive identification of geohazard features

X-ray imaging to visualise geohazard deposits

Chemistry and mineralogy scanning

High resolution linescan photography

Core digitisation using multi-sensor scanners

Core visualisation and databasing

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