Geotek Limited Acquires Spectra-Map Limited – a Specialist Hyperspectral Core Scanning Services Company

Geotek Limited Acquires Spectra-Map Limited – a Specialist Hyperspectral Core Scanning Services Company

Geotek Limited, leading geological instrument and services company has completed the acquisition of Spectra-Map Limited. Spectra-Map, a UK-based company, is one of the most experienced instrument and service providers in the application of hyperspectral imaging for mineral identification of geological core and cuttings. The acquisition was completed in August 2021 and we are pleased to now launch the new Spectra-Map Limited business within the Geotek group of companies.

Gavin and Tony Spectra-Map Acquisition

Gavin Hunt (Spectra-Map Technical Director) and Tony Bosley (Geotek Limited Managing Director) in front of the new hyperspectral core scanner including SpecCam and MINSPEC software.

Since 2019, Geotek have had a partnership with Spectra-Map to integrate their innovative and proprietary SpecCam VNIR and SWIR camera and mineralogical interpretation software (Minspec) onto Geotek Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) platforms. Tony Bosley, Geotek’s Managing Director, goes on to explain “Spectra-Map are a perfect fit for the Geotek group, bringing 20 years experience in infrared spectroscopy on core and cuttings scanning, which will support Geotek’s rapid growth in hyperspectral core scanning instrumentation and services. Through our historical collaboration with Spectra-Map it has allowed both companies to understand the potential of a more formal relationship, resulting in the acquisition of the Company. This now allows for continued investment in the technologies and applications for the future, and we already have the next generation of camera, software and MSCL instruments ready to ship to the market to fully exploit the potential of this powerful analysis technique.”

Spectra-Map will continue to operate as a specialist hyperspectral core and cuttings scanning company within the Geotek group. It will benefit from the experience of the founders: Gavin Hunt and Richard Williams. Richard Williams, Commercial Director of Spectra-Map, said “the acquisition of Spectra-Map by Geotek, allows the expansion of Spectra-Map’s growing core scanning business into Geotek’s well established global distribution network. Our hyperspectral imaging technology has been successfully integrated into Geotek’s larger suite of instruments, and the combined multi-sensor package provides an unparalleled, big-data picture for the core repository, oil and gas and mining sectors.”

Now, as part of the Geotek family, we anticipate the business going from strength to strength, growing in both product sales of multi-sensor hyperspectral core scanning systems via Geotek Limited, and with mobile and field-deployable hyperspectral core scanning services through Spectra-Map Limited. James Shreeve, Sales Director at Geotek Limited says, “the integration of Spectra-Map’s market-leading mineralogical software and hyperspectral technology means that Geotek now offer the most comprehensive range of products and mobile core scanning services, which is unmatched in the market. Geotek can now continue to rapidly expand our core digitisation services and MSCL product range taking full advantage of the world-wide geoscience drive to digitise geological core, cuttings, and chips to extract their maximum value.”

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