Geotek Hold MSCL and X-ray Workshop at Durham University

Geotek Hold MSCL and X-ray Workshop at Durham University

On 02 May 2019, our Geoscience Team Leader Briony Shreeve and Lead Geoscientist Josh Allin were invited to Durham University to host a core scanning workshop that demonstrated the capabilities of Geotek Ltd’s Multi-Sensor Core Logger S-XZ XRF (MSCL-SXZ XRF) and Vertical X-ray CT systems (VXCT) purchased by the university.


Geotek Vertical X-ray CT System

The workshop was to explore the applications of Geotek’s equipment from palaeoclimate, geohazard analysis and site characterisation projects using the physical properties and elemental data acquired from the MSCL-SXZ XRF, and the X-ray radiography and CT datasets from the VXCT. It was an excellent chance for the Professors, PhD students and Post Doctorates attending to explore new avenues of research and discuss how to gain a wider understanding of how MSCL sensor technology operates, the accuracy and resolution of the datasets acquired, and the importance of sample preparation in order to achieve good quality data.

A practical workshop led by Briony and Josh using the department’s MSCL-SXZ XRF and VXCT focused on the teaching of the system set-up, sensor calibrations, acquisition, and processing of the datasets. Durham University are typically analysing lake and marine sediment cores looking for sedimentological structure from the X-ray images and combing these information with detailed profiles of XRF geochemistry and physical properties data such as density and P-wave velocity. These datasets are used to characterise sediment types, provide correlations between core locations and determine elemental concentrations to ultimately improve the understanding of the geological stratigraphy and past depositional environments.

The workshop led to many intriguing topics of conversation of new and innovative ways to use the equipment, and we look forward to seeing the outputs in future papers from our friends and colleagues at Durham University. If you would like to learn more about our equipment then please use the links below or if you would like to organise your own core scanning workshop then please do not hesitate to contact our sales team (

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