Geotek at the International Conference on Gas Hydrates

Geotek Coring and Geotek Limited will be presenting and exhibiting at the *9th International Conference on Gas Hydrates* in Denver, USA between 25 June and 30 June 2017.  A diverse range of scientists and engineers will be brought together during the conference to review gas hydrate resource developments over the previous three years, and to attempt to extrapolate future prospects and science objectives for the near-term future.  The conference will bring together the gas hydrate community and we look forward to meeting old and new friends at the conference.

If you are planning to attend the conference, please visit our exhibition booth to find out more about Geotek Coring and Geotek Limited and our conventional and pressure coring and analysis programmes for gas hydrate and unconventional resource programmes.  In addition, you can see our science and engineering team presenting recent results from the various gas hydrate pressure coring and analysis programmes we have been involved with recently.  The publications we are presenting at ICGH9 are listed below:

Concentrated Gas Hydrate in the Shenhu Area, South China Sea: Results From Drilling Expeditions GMGS3 and GMGS4: Shengxiong Yang, Yong Lei, Jinqiang Liang, Melanie Holland, Peter Schultheiss, Jingan Lu, Jiangong Wei

Laboratory Quantification of Geomechanical Properties of Hydrate-Bearing Sediments in the Shenhu Area of the South China Sea at In-Situ Conditions: Liang Jinqiang, Wei Jiangong, Nikolaus Bigalke, John Roberts, Peter Schultheiss, Melanie Holland

Advances in Wireline Pressure Coring, Core Handling, and Core Analysis Related to Gas Hydrate Drilling Investigations: Peter Schultheiss, Melanie Holland, John Roberts, Nikolaus Bigalke, Michael Mimitz

Geotek Coring General Manager, Mike Mimitz, checking a storage chamber of a pressurised gas hydrate sample acquired using a Geotek Coring PCTB tool and sub-sampled through PCATS