Geotek launches Geoscan V

Geotek has just launched its latest version of the Geoscan imaging system with the best resolution yet.  The new Geoscan V has one massive c.5340 pixel CCD (Geoscan IV had 2048) and can achieve image resolutions down to 10 microns.  It is now quick and simple to set up with new automatic focus, aperture and lighting routines for exposure optimisation, all integrated into the Geotek software.

Images can be acquired from split or slabbed sediment or rock core, or whole round cores, including circumferential imaging for goniometry.  There are options for visible and UV light sources.  Further improvements enable the camera lens and light source to be polarised to eradicate specular reflectance on wet sediment core.

Linescan images are far superior to area camera images utilising true colour separation with integrated RGB filters to produce high-resolution core imaging for immediate and archival core record applications.

For more information visit our Geoscan V linescan imaging page.