The following items are available for download.

If you are upgrading the software on one of our MSCL systems, we would suggest contacting us first via our Contact Us page.

Documents in PDF format can be read using Adobe Acrobat. Microsoft Word and Powerpoint documents can be read by using their respective applications or any alternatives...

MSCL Manual

MSCL Manual in Adobe Acrobat PDF format.

MSCL Overview

An overview of the various MSCL systems available from Geotek and a guide to ordering.

MSCL Software Version 7.96.8

Please contact us if you would like to download the latest version of the MSCL software.


TeamViewerQS is software to allow us to connect for remote support.

Add Ruler 1.3

Software to add a virtual ruler onto a Geotek core image.

Core Logging Services Brochure

Core Splitter Manual

GeoScan Digital Imaging Software 3.2.4

Imaging software for Geotek cameras purchased after March 2001. GeoScan III cameras will also require the IFC drivers for the PCDig Interface board.

GeoScan Digital Imaging System Manual

This is the manual in Adobe Acrobat format for the Digital Imaging Software, for a system purchased after March 2001

GeoScan II Digital Imaging Software 6.1

Imaging software for Geotek Cameras purchased before March 2001.

IFC 5.1 PC Dig Drivers

These are the drivers for the video capture boards, for camera systems purchased after March 2001.

ImageTools 3.1

An application to view and manipulate core images.

Imaging Test Card

Useful test card for GeoScan Imaging Software.

Lab Poster

MSCL Lab Poster

MSCL Calibration Protocols

MS Excel file with MSCL Calibration Protocols

MSCL Software Version 6.2

MSCL Software v. 6.2 Setup Program

MSCL with Olympus Delta XRF

MSCL X(Y)Z Software 3.3.1

Latest software installer for the MSCL XYZ / XZ system.

MSCL-XYZ Virtual Drawing

Virtual drawing of the Geotek XYZ System.

PCATS posters

PCATS posters from ICGH7 (2011)! Jazz up your office or corridor...

MSCL Systems