Matthew Druce


University College of Wales, Swansea, UK. 2005

  • B.Sc. Marine Biology


Geotek Ltd., Daventry, UK. Production Manager (2011 – Present)

  • Production Manager for Geotek’s MSCL systems, sensors and offshore projects.
  • Responsible for the continued development and operation of pressure core subsampling and advanced geotechnical testing system.

University of Southampton. Research Assistant / KTP Associate (2006 – 2011)

  • Project Associate for the Knowledge Transfer Partnership between Geotek and Southampton University, specifically focused on the development of pressure core handling and analysis apparatus.
  • Responsible for the development and operation of pressure core subsampling and advanced geotechnical testing system.
  • Operated pressure core analysis equipment, performing core analysis at in situ pressures using non destructive techniques including gamma density profiling, P-wave velocity measurements, and X-ray imagery. Interpreted this data for written reports characterising sediment features and the quantity and distribution of marine gas hydrates offshore India, China, and Korea.

OKA Direct. Quality Control Inspector (2005 – 2006 )

  • Analysed product design, supply logistics and stockholding problems; liased with product developers and suppliers then created, introduced and evaluated solutions. Promoted to post after 10 weeks. Contributed to 10% reduction in customer returns relative to gross sales.

matthew_druce_02_pcats_250x279Offshore Experience

  • 5 ocean-going expeditions worldwide on academic and commercial oceanographic research vessels and drilling vessels.

Additional Qualifications

  • Qualified dive leader (BSAC)
  • Qualified PRINCE2 project management (Practitioner level)
  • Qualified power boat handler

Recent Publications

Holland M, Schultheiss P, Roberts J, Druce M. 2008. Observed gas hydrate morphologies in marine sediments. Proceedings of the 6th International Conference on Gas Hydrates (ICGH 2008), Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada, July 6-10, 2008. Available online at:

Collett T, Riedel M, Cochran J, Boswell R, Presley J, Kumar P, Sathe A, Sethi A, Lall M, Siball V, and the NGHP Expedition 01 Scientific Party, including Druce M. 2008. Indian National Gas Hydrate Program Expedition 01 Initial Report: Prepared by the U.S. Geological Survey and Published by the Directorate General of Hydrocarbons, Ministry of Petroleum & Natural Gas (India), 1 DVD.

Holland M, Schultheiss P, Roberts J, Druce M. 2006. Gas hydrate-sediment morphologies revealed by pressure core analysis, EOS Transactions, American Geophysical Union Fall Meeting, Abstract OS33B-1689.