Quentin Huggett


Reading University, UK (1990)

  • Ph.D. Sedimentology & Geophysics. “Small scale sedimentary features in the deep ocean and their effect on sidescan sonar images”

University of London, UK. 1979

  • B.Sc. Geology (Honours)


GEOTEK Ltd, Daventry, UK. Service Director (1994 – present)

  • Managed environmental surveys and geohazard investigations, including Strategic Environmental Assessments of the UK Exclusive Economic Zone.
  • Developed & manufactured laboratory and in situ instrumentation for the analysis of deep sea sediments.

Institute of Oceanographic Sciences, Deacon Laboratory (1980 – 1994)

  • 1991-1994: Manager of Geophysical Surveys.
  • 1980-1991: Marine Geologist studying radioactive waste disposal, conducting EEZ surveys around the USA, Ph.D. supervision.

General Professional Interests and Activities

Offshore Experience

Over 30 ocean-going expeditions world wide on academic and commercial oceanographic research, survey, drilling, and deep submersible vessels.

Selected References

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