MSCL Systems

The GEOTEK Multi-Sensor Core Logger (MSCL) systems enable a suite of geophysical measurements to be obtained rapidly, accurately and automatically on sediment or rock cores. The rugged nature of the equipment makes it suitable for use in either an onshore laboratory/repository environment or onboard survey and drilling vessels. To accommodate varying customers' requirements (both operational and scientific), a range of different mechanical arrangements has been developed:

Depending on the mechanical configuration of the MSCL, data can be obtained from either whole core sections or from split core sections contained in plastic liners. Some measurements can be made through aluminium or steel liners. There are advantages to using alternative MSCL configurations depending on the type and quality of the core material as well as the differing operational constraints and requirements.

Using the standard MSCL configurations, individual core sections between 50 and 150 mm in diameter and up to 1.55m long can be logged at spatial intervals as low as a few millimetres. This spatial interval of data acquisition, as well as which sensors are active, can be fully defined by the user and changed between core sections as desired. The fully automated core logging procedures are controlled through easy-to-use software packages operating in a ‘Windows’ environment on a PC built into the system’s electronics rack. Data processing is under the user's full control, and, using empirical calibrations, processed data can be displayed and edited in real time. Raw or processed data can be saved in formats suitable for exporting to other software environments for further data manipulation or data presentation.

An overlapping range of sensor options is available for each of the MSCL systems. See the individual system pages for details of sensor suitability and the MSCL Sensors pages for details of particular sensors.

Geotek also manufactures a series of associated equipment to aid handling and processing cores and core samples. Currently these include:

MSCL Systems