First MSCL in Iceland

The University of Iceland at Reykjavik has received Iceland's first MSCL-S. Peter and Melanie delivered the core logger to Drs. Ármann Höskuldsson and Áslaug Geirsdóttir at the Institute of Earth Sciences. The MSCL is currently equipped for gamma density and magnetic susceptibility measurements, but is easily upgradeable with additional sensors. Though it is surrounded by basalt, the MSCL will spend most of its time measuring cores from Icelandic lakes, which preserve a spectacular record of recent climate history in varved sediments.

Peter with Ármann, Áslaug, and their new MSCL. Iceland now has more MSCLs per capita (and Nobel Prize winners) than any other country!

The laminated sediments show their true glory when split--and what better way to split them than with a Geotek core splitter? The splitter is specially designed to provide perfectly flat surfaces for split-core measurements and core imaging. Áslaug is already dreaming of a Geoscan linescan camera!

Steini, the technician responsible for the equipment, models their new core splitter.

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